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Sunday, February 14, 2010

3rd : L.O.V.E

Let your love flow
It is not love and romance alone, but the tenderness, warmth and concern we show one another that makes Valentine’s Day extra special.

Today is the day I marry my friend,

The one I laugh with, dream with,

Live for. Love.

THE above words were printed on the front of a wedding card I received in November last year. The card was stark black, with a red floral design on it. Inside, the invitation touched me even more as it stated “please join the couple for a celebration of love, friendship, laughter and family; to celebrate new beginnings, new dreams and most importantly, new love.” How sweet!

There’s something extraordinary about the month of February that I cannot shake off — it is the celebration of Valentine’s Day and the love that is expressed in a variety of ways. There are cards, roses and wine, not forgetting the candle light dinners and walks along the beach or in the park on a moonlit night. Romantic, you say? Well, why not?

To me, the celebration of love only highlights how important and significant this emotion is. If we could only shrug off our prejudices and insensitivities, we would immediately find ourselves living in a much better world.

Love is prescribed as an antidote to life’s problems, but how many people choose to follow the path of love, warmth, encouragement, sincerity and forgiveness? Not many I tell you.

Taunting teachersAnd, some of these culprits are, sadly, teachers. Yes, such teachers do exist – individuals who hurt and instigate animosity.They do this either by their words or their actions, and they have it in them to taunt, abuse, humiliate and reduce to tears their young charges, whose spirit they are supposed to nurture and nourish.

I am usually upset when I hear of stories of such teachers because they have chosen to ignore their true calling and vocation, and have instead, taken it upon themselves to believe that because they are in a position to torment, they should. Where does love reside in such people?

They say “home is where the heart is”, and to me, my school — the place where I work — is my second home, and another place where my heart is.

I know this may seem strange to some, but to me, I just have to take one look at the parents who are waiting outside the school gates everyday to know this: if you show their kids some love at school, they would be grateful to you.

You see, just stepping into the classroom and teaching your bit for the day is not the same as being really there for your students.

You may think that students need you only to be a good mentor, and to teach them until they fully grasp a topic.

However, in reality, many of them appreciate a friendly face, some understanding and encouragement.

It is true that some students have everything going for them at home and lead well-balanced lives.

For these students, their teacher may be of secondary importance. But there are others who may not lead such happy and settled lives at home, and they are the ones who crave for love and affection, a kind word, a pat on the back and a definite leg-up.

A young teacher recently told me about her days in school and recalled a particularly disturbing period in her life.

“I was in Form Five when I went through a difficult time. My father had passed away and my mother went into a period of grief and I couldn’t turn to her at all. I began to mix with a new crowd of idle students at school. My grades were slipping and I was, myself, filled with inner turmoil.

“It was my history teacher who was quick to notice the change in me. She came into my life when I most needed someone to talk to and guide me. If it had not been for her timely intervention and help, I would not be who I am today.”

Lasting impressions

The young teacher said: “As an educator now, I know that I have to be compassionate — a teacher who must be firm, yet kind — someone who can advise and bring change without punishing the student.”

Frankly, I was moved. She was young, yet she had set her sights on the right track.

All it took was just one teacher who left a lasting impression on her and who changed her outlook towards life. The History teacher had brought out the best in her.

It is easy to say that teachers must touch minds and hearts, but not many have that Midas touch. However, teachers who inspire and motivate do make that vital difference in a young person’s life.

So, this Valentines’ Day, as people all over the world celebrate love, ask yourself this: How loving and concerned a teacher are you?

Think about it. You stand before a class of young students but do you destroy their enthusisam and spirit, or do you help restore and revive them constantly?

I once knew a teacher, who, upon finding out that she was posted to a school that had a majority of orang asli children and pupils from plantations, said that it was pointless teaching them as they were a bunch of “illiterate fools!”

I was flabbergasted; she could do with a lesson on tolerance, understanding and love and yes, so can all of us!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!
Source : The Star
as a muslim teacher trainee, i'm not encouraging you, readers to celebrate this Valentine's Day. but, read the above article. i'm touched. well, admitting that one of the reason i'm throwing myself into this field; teaching, is to build  loving character in myself. 
Abi Hurayrah (r) said, and these are all authentic ahadith, qabal an-nabi al-hasan wa ali, aqra` ibn al-haabis, “He (Prophet) was sitting and he kissed (his grandson) al-Hasan, and one leader of the people was present and he said, `indee `asharan min al-walad lam aqbal minhum ahad, “I have ten children, Yaa Rasulullah, and I never kissed one of them in my life.” (And Prophet [s] replied,) man laa yarham laa yurham, “Who doesn’t have mercy for people, Allah will not have mercy for him.”

this thing affects me so much. huhu.

i can't write more. i can't focus. :)

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