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Sunday, January 20, 2013

48th : This cikgu teaches Chinese.

she's one of my seniors in the college.
i had one memory with her in one Ramadhan two years ago. we ate together in the same talam. :)

This cikgu teaches Chinese

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

47th : the hard times...

it's good if we find that we are problem.
i'ts good if we know people don't like us, are not comfy with us.

yeah. i'm saying it's good. humans. factually that humans... humans means us... so, we are created to face and solve the things we take it as problems.

if we are problem, what should we do?

if we are not liked or people don't comfy with us, what do we do?

ain't trying to be a motivator or what here. i want to share what i think.

as a Muslim, it's useless to live this life if we don't have any contribution toward people around us. this is one of the basic mind-settings, for me.

we're not living this life alone. we live this life with others.

then, how to be with others? of course, communicating.

and, i do believe and have faith, communicating either it's one way or two ways, it involves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

before all the communication occur, our mind setting should be cleared.

since last year, i found that the theory of Johari window's really made me think positively. yeah. alhamdulillah.

it's not only ourselves have a view for us and we do have something we don't know until someone tell us. we have people in the same circle with us and people that never know us like really know us (not in the same circle) that can help us to look at our hidden selves naturally (we don't have to ask people directly, it's just life). AND, when we do find something about ourselves from others, we just have to be fair to ourselves in accepting the things.

we may reflect on our lives...

for me, i've learnt.. i think. i do think that people around do have their own significance in my life. in building my character. definitely, they do help me to reflect my own self. this is just like putting ourselves in their shoes. yes. as simple as that, simple? maybe.

we do concern about ourselves.
but, we do too have to concern about  others.
others affect us in many ways.
to make others understand us, we have to share with them.
share what? share our thoughts. they might be not accepting ours, but at least they know.
and it has to be in two directions. it's unfair if they know about us, but we don't know them.
so, we have to know them too. know their thoughts too.
this is where we learn to respect each other.

i too a person that difficult to listen to others. but, do make du'as and do tell people to help me in improving myself. (people who live around me may not agree with this, but, at least this is what i think and feel...)

the hard times for us maybe different in situation, but the room of hope for us the same as we raise our hands and make du'a.


may Allah ease, people.

Friday, January 11, 2013

46th : The need for soft skills.

Sunday January 6, 2013

The need for soft skills

WHEN applying for a job, employers always want to know what a potential employee can do for the organisation. This is where soft skills come in handy and help snag that coveted job.
At the recent Memorandum of Understanding signing between Nilai University and DC Training Malaysia Sdn Bhd (which runs Dale Carnegie Training), the varsity’s vice president of academic affairs Prof Datuk Dr Sothi Rachagan explained the reason for the collaboration.
“Soft skills are critical for success. Dale Carnegie trainers focus on the five ‘drivers of success’ and this will give our students a headstart in their professional lives,” he said.
The “five drivers of success” are self-confidence, interpersonal skills, communication, leadership and improving one’s attitude.
The varsity is the first domestic tertiary education institution to enter into a partnership with Dale Carnegie. Under the partnership, the Dale Carnegie Training programme is available to all degree level students. A preview of the course was held at the signing ceremony to give students a sample of what to expect.
DC Training Malaysia Sdn Bhd president and chief executive officer Datuk Wan Hisham Wan Salleh assured students that those who attend the training would be more marketable.
He cited an example where those who underwent the course were preferred for job vacancies in Cyberjaya as employers were confident of their soft skills.
The varsity has also entered into collaborative agreements with other professional organisations to benefit its students, including the Malaysian Food and Beverage Executives Association who will provide professional certification for students from the varsity’s School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

45th : The Old Municipal Pool

i got this poem in my mailbox. Goodreads January newsletter. 

The Old Municipal Pool

The boards of the bathhouse are rotten,
deep in leaves the pool's cracked floor.
The town has changed and has forgotten.
Broken steps of iron ore
lead to a jungle of huge vines,
some hanging from a rusting tower
like a schoolgirl's doodled lines.
The air is thick with what's in flower.

The strange stillness recalls her name,
the empty desk in the next row,
how time had stuck in one scratched frame
now fifteen Decembers ago.
They'd found her dead in the deep water,
beaten, bruises on her throat,
a used-car salesman's long-haired daughter.
I still have her last love note.

I wander into the green gloom
beneath the canopy of leaves,
as though back into that classroom.
She had worn jeans and flowing sleeves
and turned to me with dreamy smiles,
our steps echoing in the school
as mine do now on ruined tiles
of an enormous swimming pool
the years have left a ghostly place
of rust, a splintered bathhouse door,
in whose shadows there is no trace
of what I had come looking for.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

44th : the first...

living on the ground. real ground. groundfloor. alhamdulillah. :) despite all the contras in my mind, alhamdulillah. :)

the first lecture today was culture and learning. EDU 3106. went through the course proforma. it's like revising social studies. initially i thought it would be the same. but, later, i should take that as an advantage. :) in a way.

the second lecture was TSL 3110. 100% coursework. no examination. that just made my jaw dropped for a few seconds. insya Allah khair. insya Allah khair. huhuh. we did discussion. we did presentation. my group got to explain about contextualism (teaching and learning English using context). smartphone is very useful at that time since we're not really ready with notes, laptop nor ref. books. hadeyy.. then i got the group that compare and contrast KBSR and KSSR syllabus. uhuh.

the first lecture. i was fighting my sleepy-head from falling on the table. i lost to my sleepiness. the men classmates laughed at me that i fell asleep on the first day in 2013. -_-"

tomorrow, OLA (olahraga).

i just overlooked my responsibilities again returning to this campus. -_-" it's not endless, but hard to end. may Allah ease.