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Monday, May 14, 2012

29th : redundant.

i left a comment for a post in a group. on Facebook. yes.

minutes later, i found the comment i left wasn't one, but more than four! =.=" the comment i left was mentioning a name; a facebook user too. so, she sounded irritated replying my comments. ding!! ok. i said sorry (it wasn't really my fault. i didn't push the enter button on this keyboard many times purposely, it's the wifi.. b'coz the 'like' was showing 'try again'. so i clicked on that.... -.-" still my fault. so beware next time. haha. beware?) and a part of my sentence was,

sy tak perasan pun redundant tu.

consciously i think i should check the choice of word i made. redundant?

here it goes, based  on the oxford dictionary. ^_^

re·dun·dant / Ñ rI'dVndJnt; NAmE Ñ / adjective
1. (BrE) (of a person) without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company:
to be made redundant from your job - redundant employees

2.not needed or useful:
The picture has too much redundant detail.

 re·dun·dant·ly adverb

please, do ignore those bizarre symbols. i copied and pasted from the virtual oxford  dictionary in this machine i have.

i am pretty much concern on my words. yada. i'm a TESLian. so, i should be that meticulous in this language right?

so, look. i've used the word wrongly. T^T

am sad.

 EDU3104. done. don't wanna comment anything on the questions. i'm just relieved that the time was just sufficient! thank Allah! hu.

let's struggle for the other three papers! ^_^

Saturday, May 12, 2012

28th : parity.

parity. the state of being equal.

ain't updating to give a lecture on this word. i took this word randomly from my Oxford learner's pocket dictionary.

TSL 3106

TSL 3105

what we sold last year during Hari Terbuka Asrama

RBT 3117

not really a group, aite? hu.
4 papers to go.

WAJ 3106 - done. relieved. have studied interesting knowledge and got to know variety of perceptions of citizen in Malaysia. ^_^ just loving my country deeper uh? hah-ha.

LGA 3102. disaster. i. am. afraid. my assignments wasn't really satisfying the person who marked it. the test i'd answered on the previous Thursday was earthquake. and yet, yesterday, i just heard about my super juniors that had been expelled due to their failure in examinations after repeated the papers they failed. remember in foundation, i ever said to people this, "insya Allah if i am to finish my study there.." when they said, "so u're future teacher..." i just... that. with this expression :-S and :(
i feel am on another test. the test of life. i thank Allah that i didn't think about doing anything crazy after this paper. hu. u know, the feeling after got into a disastrous event, u'll be searching for something that can make u get rid of those unpleasant feeling and assumptions.

i am glad that i can do revision on my own. this is an achievement. but, i don't like it when i just can't have the contented feeling when i'm revising... empty. hu. and it ended by slacking down on the thin cotton pillow.

my last paper will be on the May 22nd morning. the ticket bought will be on May 25th night. ^_^ ottokaee for another three days?

till then.