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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

35th : good for nothing.

it's useless when you finished doing something, then, the something you'd worked on weren't being assessed or evaluated by the authorities.

hm. you just got satisfaction. perhaps.

but, thinking about this situation beyond the timeline, what if what we'd worked on through our life... let's say i have been living in this world for 22 years, let's say i have contributed to people in the world more than my life, even more... then after i died, all my contributions are not qualified by The Creator...

together we make du'a we won't be included in those people at that moment of accumulating    counting is the right word (LOL) our deeds, Yaumul Hisab.

i hope things that written by me here and anywhere are not going to ruin the people. mentally. morally.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

34th : SBE?

i rather say it's embarrassing. =..="

it's the first day. >.<"

this is how my kerja kayu looks like;

SBE in Ramadhan.. it's just... i don't know what to say, but, i've got a feeling. ehe.

k. i think am gonna give my eyes rest tonite for few hours from seeing this world. aha.

and, now, i know what i miss the most at home and my school compared to the institute... :'(

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

33rd : mid.

the wind is slapping my right cheek. it's cool. nighty-wind? heh.

it's been quite a time i haven't opened that window. oh. subhanallah.

be calm. to keep our head up in every situation we're dealing with is very important.

i have had enough bitter experience of not controlling my anger, my madness, my clumsiness. oh. who tells me it's enough? he. ok. i can't say that's enough, but i think, i'll do my best to maintain calm.

patience is really virtue. patience is mentioned in The Holy Love Letter - Al-Qur'an.
 the beauty of patience. the reward for being patient. oh. how heavenly promised with paradise~

though there's something i feel unsettled, but, i feel the situation that had been on a pulled string is becoming looser now. *oh. my vocab. this is not good. 

easy, no? not that easy. still.

among all the efforts in solving the conflicts, the most important point is to make du'a and 100% keep holding on Allah; tawakkal. ask for HIM. ask from HIM. ask the best for us. ^_^

am hoping for a better tomorrow.

the race is now very 'sengit'.

let's not waste our chance and our opportunity left in this Ramadhan.

we never know if we have chance in the next year.

and, we never know if we are going to be in this Ramadhan till the end of it.

make du'a guys.