am sorry that i don't share modules here.
TSL modules?

but you can e-mail me, i will share the modules but assignments. :)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

43rd : let this be the ending entry...

the ending entry for 2012. :)


we got our exam result before we enter the new semester. :)

alhamdulillah. it was the first time i cried looking at my exam result ever. yes. as far as i remember, i never cry over my exam result in my life. maybe if i cried, it's few months or years later.


the sweet.

the sour.

the bitter.

i pray that next semester, the very semester 5, will educate me. will train me. will lead me towards being a better person. a better daughter. a better trainee. a better junior. a better senior. a better roommate. a better sister, younger or elder. a better student. a better friend. a better mate. the most important is a better servant of Him.

i just realised i whined and sighed a lot thru the two semesters in 2012. :']

so, this is how am going to end the post for 2012 in this blog.

i don't want to wish for happier moments nor unstressful times because thru this 2012 i felt those and without i realise those that made me strong inside and widen my heart capacity. :) those made me mature at thinking i guess. what is more, those taught me to keep my faith in Allah. because there was no place i could hold for a long period other than Him. He's forever.

so, i wish you, whoever you are reading this entry to have better year of making yourself a better person ahead! :)

may 2012 had brought us closer to Allah.
may 2012 had made us grateful.
may 2012 had taught us to be wiser. 
may 2013 have better unknown promises for us;
         that will make us turning back to it at the end of the year
         smiling =)

welcome myself to new room! -_-"

Monday, December 3, 2012

42nd : idl.

idl. i don't like. haha.

breathe in. breathe out. repeat three times. then say, alhamdulillah. :)

three years and half has passed. i am suddenly feel scared. afraid. hu-hu.

two years left. two years to go. 4 semesters.

there're few things about this type of campus life. or as written on the blue and black shirts sold, IPG life.

the first thing i would like to avoid when meeting people is to talk about parents. specifically about parents' jobs. ha-ha. because, it's normally, when people asked me or already knew me studying in IPG, when they found that my parents are in education sector of this country too, they expected-ly responded, "ikut mak ayah la ni..." (follow parents' steps...) and you yourself reading this entry would be saying that, aite?
i just be more annoyed when people know about my father, they would respond, "no wonder..." (patutlah...) i just don't like it.

i have my own reasons for being annoyed.

number one. my parents NEVER offer me studying in IPG. it's my own effort. yeah. i just knew about IPG that time through my friends. thanks to them. i also got to know about IPG via my sweet sisters (not biological sister) after SPM that time (2009). to have the courage applying for it was my own decision. yes. am telling you, my parents never force me. they know what was my ambition that time. my father even offered me something for me to further in the ambition i wanted to. it's my decision. after all.

number two. i did write in the application forms about my parents working in the education sector. it's just to give flavours into the  essay, i would say. no. i don't choose to be here because my parents are working in the sector. no. i was even afraid to be in this sector (now i'm even annoyed) because i was afraid about people stereotyping about children-parents thingy. when the parents are accountant, people tend to expect the children will inherit the business or the accounting brain of their parents.

number three. i have my dream. beautiful dream for choosing this road not taken by people around me. yeah. ^_^

next, about the IPG name. when people ask me, "where are you studying?"

definitely my short answer is, "IPG."

they usually reply me the words below,

"oo.. maktab..." (did i say that? -.-")

"what?" (ok. people don't know about us...)

and yes. am annoyed. ha-ha.

when they reply me "what?" i just have to reply these,

generally: "IPG stands for Institut Pendidikan Guru.."

specifically: "IPG Kampus Tuanku Bainun..."

hearing my specific answer, i usually get this answer, 

"oo.. kat Perak eh?"

i will just have to quickly correct them, "no. in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang... (adding: not the one in island)"

adoi. complicated.

why i feel annoyed about people replying me "maktab" answer?

that would be because we are now IPG. no M behind G. no maktab maktab anymore. most of our lecturers, especially them who're in Research and Innovation Department too very annoyed when people keep mentioning our college as "maktab". hu-hu. it's all about developing the education system in this country. if you know. so, i'm supporting and to show appreciation to them and myself, i use IPG. but, somehow, i just have to use that word to make it short for people to know me. huk3.

this issue just made my brain got this thought: people don't know about us. the education system.

but, they know (are aware) we got allowance. sigh.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

41st : let's continue.

it's just a little more about electrics and electronis.
honestly, i haven't done my revision on the RBT course. =.="

but, here is another video on our electronics project.

domestic  wiring. ah-ha.

just like in finishing our wooden project, when i felt myself like useless that i couldn't chase others in finishing the works in a fast way, i will scream. yeah. this is true story. i scream in the middle of the noisy bengkel. ^_^ i think i've written before, i wasn't that patient.

oh. i actually on my revision for LGA 3103. err.. but it happened that i wanted to check my FB and it's chained to youtube, then, here i am. updating this blog. dush!

so, in the previous week, when i was planning to celebrate my 'eid adha in Bukit Tembaga, my classmates and i got a call to go the bengkel to finish our domestic wiring practically. at the night before the day, i told myself that i must put the effort to be very patient. not to whine. no to sigh. be grateful. be thankful. say Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal (praise be to Allah for everything).

=) alhamdulillah, everything went well. i did finish mine with my partner. pity my partner for having a partner like me. the bossy. the impatient. fella. she's the one who recorded the video above! ha-ha. that's our success of the week! it's revision week and we got to attend class. ~_~

urm. that's all. may Allah bless. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40th : the hands on~

phew~ those documentation thingy. they're heavy, okay! heavy. HEAVY. H-E-A-V-Y. er. ok. fine. it has passed in such a beautiful moment. er. ain't regretting. :) alhamdulillah.

i still not going a level up. still with the green belt. :( i want red! i want red! i want RED! i want R-E-D!!!! :((

i never have experience in doing these pateri works or being in a KH bengkel. no. i never have such experience. and i found myself is very not patient doing these odd works. :(

after all the sighs, all the whines, all the heart tells the soul to istighfar after i screamed for being too slow in handling these electronics things. the LED is lighten up! ^_^

they are not easy, for me, i tell you. FOR ME. F-O-R M-E.

if this video can be played, this is the product! i was very hilarious happy! yeah. i once thought to be an engineer, but not to handle these machines-electrical-electronics things! i had once thought to be petroleum engineer. ahahaha! =.="

these are the goodies i got from the PELLTA workshop. RM50. RM5 paid by our beloved lecturer, Ms. Q. :) eheh. in INTI, Bukit Jambul. i love these. RED. they're R-E-D!!!

beautiful. lines. MEANINGFUL. as a muslim, what should we read everyday? guess... what is the manual of a muslim life? AL-QURAN AND SUNNAH. :) so, take our QURAN. READ THE QURAN. R-E-A-D.

i didn't realize that i own two scholastic books! :) the one on the right, is not finished yet.

:) i was like.. wow. professional.... ^_^

more electrical thingy coming in the next entry! ahah. 

please. it's Zulhijjah. and alhamdulillah, am not as sad as i was in the previous year. :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

39th : near to the end...

*listening to Dr. Danial's speech on Innocence of Muslim first part*


the course ended beautifully! hoh-ho. er. alhamdulillah. :)


we also had done our postmortem in the afternoon today.

hm. yet, there's one more assessment which is oral assessment need to be done by next wednesday.

accreditation. salary. all the DG... whatsoever..

UAK. exams.

and i realized that i have overlooked some works on my shoulders. >.<


all the best.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

38th : KP.


i can't say i never wish for that position because i don't know my heart.
i did wish for other organisation... not this one i tell you...

did you know how bad i reacted to the news once in the past year that i was going to be in that uniform unit? did u know?

did u know u had put me in the position i really hate in the first semester? 

did u know that i was annoyed that people telling me 'KAGUM' and 'KAGUM' for that i was going for that programme?

did u know i thanked Allah for giving such sweet memories, good experience in the programme?

did u know how i was excited to return to the campus to share with you my sweet memories and good experience to give your mind a little freedom and shift your paradigm and boost your motivation being in this group?

did u know i was annoyed when u once again put me in the position full of responsibilities?

did u know i was in frustration when we're not going for a camping instead of pentauliahan course because i think you won't learn something?

did u know my optimism faded away when some of you doubted me? questioned me like (itwaslikehell) u actually wanted to embarrass me in front of crowd?

did u know i am afraid that the way i think about you is wrong, but my heart can't deny the offended feeling?

did u know when the optimism disappeared i just can't help myself to coax my heart to not be hateful towards something i'm trying to like?

did u ever know to be responsible on something u did hate, did like, had sweet memories, end up with hatred again is VERY HARD?

it's hard because, do u know that doing things without sincerity is useless and will not be counted in your book when you are on the Judgement Day?????????

i don't want my hardwork, my time spent and those exhausted feelings i had gone through be wasted and useless.

can you understand?
would you try to understand?

self, will you get the answer here?
someday. maybe.

i pray that this will end quickly.
i pray that this will end without regret.
i really want to leave that group in facebook later, at least. because i just can't run from the reality.
i realized this causing me to be sick at feelings, sick at physical and yet, i know it should be strengthen spiritually.

.... some get it bad
some get it worse
life can sometimes look like a curse
so i cry my heart out 
let it all go....
- Outlandish

.... bukan bibir ini berbicara
namun jiwa ini berbahasa
dalam lamunan ku yakinkan 
kaulah teman kebahagiaan
Tuhan temukan ku penawar...
-Nur One

Monday, September 17, 2012

37th : the day of replacement.

for your information, my batch which is PISMP January 2011 intake has to replace the day/s we got for Raya break since schools have to replace that day too and to fulfill our SBE requirement. =.= however, there's a campus i got to know that they don't have to replace their SBE day! what............!

so, i went to a school nearby this campus. not so near, it took, more or less about 15 minutes to arrive by car and if there's no traffic jammed.

so, the HM in that school was... strict. he. strict and very stick to the procedure which i felt unnecessary? >.<

hm. there're four more assignments to be submitted by tomorrow till this wednesday.

one is done.

one is half done.

one got only reflection to be done.

one is still quarter part done.

all the best!

below were my props for storytelling. >.< i think i didn't perform well. :( but, i did proud to be number one to perform. ha-ha. that proud me. :[

Friday, September 7, 2012

36th : no idea.

er. ok.
i just can't think of suitable title for this entry.

hey. hey.

tomorrow is Saturday.
it's a day to replace the raya early break last month. ok. SBE. remember? so, i have to go to school tomorrow. =_="

assignments. roughly, three are done. submitted. but, for a 'REAL DONE' is only one. the other two have certain things unfinished yet like storytelling session plus a reflection for that and the SBE task since i've to replace a day~

so, this is the final product of my wood project. *am i using GTM here? *_*

i just... like... speechless. ok. this is pink! -.- heh. but, i'm glad that mine looks different from others! ha-ha. yada. i get into the elevator and i shut it by myself! :P

er. ok. i got no point at all for this post.

just an update. eh.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

35th : good for nothing.

it's useless when you finished doing something, then, the something you'd worked on weren't being assessed or evaluated by the authorities.

hm. you just got satisfaction. perhaps.

but, thinking about this situation beyond the timeline, what if what we'd worked on through our life... let's say i have been living in this world for 22 years, let's say i have contributed to people in the world more than my life, even more... then after i died, all my contributions are not qualified by The Creator...

together we make du'a we won't be included in those people at that moment of accumulating    counting is the right word (LOL) our deeds, Yaumul Hisab.

i hope things that written by me here and anywhere are not going to ruin the people. mentally. morally.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

34th : SBE?

i rather say it's embarrassing. =..="

it's the first day. >.<"

this is how my kerja kayu looks like;

SBE in Ramadhan.. it's just... i don't know what to say, but, i've got a feeling. ehe.

k. i think am gonna give my eyes rest tonite for few hours from seeing this world. aha.

and, now, i know what i miss the most at home and my school compared to the institute... :'(

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

33rd : mid.

the wind is slapping my right cheek. it's cool. nighty-wind? heh.

it's been quite a time i haven't opened that window. oh. subhanallah.

be calm. to keep our head up in every situation we're dealing with is very important.

i have had enough bitter experience of not controlling my anger, my madness, my clumsiness. oh. who tells me it's enough? he. ok. i can't say that's enough, but i think, i'll do my best to maintain calm.

patience is really virtue. patience is mentioned in The Holy Love Letter - Al-Qur'an.
 the beauty of patience. the reward for being patient. oh. how heavenly promised with paradise~

though there's something i feel unsettled, but, i feel the situation that had been on a pulled string is becoming looser now. *oh. my vocab. this is not good. 

easy, no? not that easy. still.

among all the efforts in solving the conflicts, the most important point is to make du'a and 100% keep holding on Allah; tawakkal. ask for HIM. ask from HIM. ask the best for us. ^_^

am hoping for a better tomorrow.

the race is now very 'sengit'.

let's not waste our chance and our opportunity left in this Ramadhan.

we never know if we have chance in the next year.

and, we never know if we are going to be in this Ramadhan till the end of it.

make du'a guys.

Monday, July 30, 2012

32nd : easy, no?

to think about my hatred... my dislikes... my unwanted lists... it won't solve my problem.

at last, i just will have to go through those things too.

i won't be able to avoid.

the best thing to do, still, to be responsible.

when we're trying our best to be kind, nice, there will be challenges ahead; waiting for us.

but, be good. for that it's not people who would count your acts. it's Him. Allah.

though, ain't remember this when am in the situation, it's okay. checklist. and TRY. EFFORT that counts too.

people won't ask you to put themselves in your shoes, but, we can do that to them.

no matter how negative  you feel you're treated, remember that our best role-model, Prophet peace be upon him, taught us to be kind to people. rahmah, aite?

again, this entry has no coherence at all.

but, people, i realised, it's hard to be a leader when the people below are not willing to listen to you. even worst they are to doubt you.

i too realised, we are treated the way we treated or treat others too.

i three realised, it's the best when we're in love with our friends. enjoy your love you got with your friends. this is not love between gender i'm speaking about.

to contribute something for the ummah (people) is a satisfaction. be it money, time, energy, etc. that's infaq.


RAMADHAN KAREEM EVERYONE. :)  [u reply to me: Allahu akram. :)]

Sunday, July 15, 2012

31st : a realistic fiction.

i was playing with my younger brother happily outside the big hall. the hall was rectangle, i think. we played hide and seek. my brother would hide behind the hall where there was a parking space for motorbikes. that place was near to our mother's workplace; canteen. however, i liked to hide beside the hall where i could see double-storey houses. after a moment, i recognised that one of the doors at that side was wide open. my feet walked toward the door. as my distance toward the door became nearer, i could hear sounds of piano. i knew there was a black piano in the hall. i saw a lady was standing at the door. i stopped walking. then the lady went back inside.

i continued to walk toward the door. i silently looked inside. i hide my body behind the door. only my head could be seen from inside. then, my younger brother appeared beside me.


my brother and i was quite shocked. the lady caught us!

"do both of you play around here everyday?"

both of us nodded.

"what's your name?"
"nice! what about your brother?"
"i like that name!" the lady laughed.

it wasn't her who's playing the piano. it's her friend. then, my brother and i left the hall.

*    *    *    *

it's another day that i was playing with my  brother. this time, we're in the hall. there were many people in the hall. some of them were wearing formal attire and some were wearing informal attire. my brother and i stood near the main entrance in the hall. when there was somebody would like to leave or enter the hall, we open the sliding door. the sister who asked our names the other day was there. she was chatting with her two buddies. they sat on the sofa near the entrance. they smiled when they looked at us.

later, i could see two old women talked to them. they looked different. sometimes they looked at us. so the two women. then, the two witches came to us. one of them asked us,

"who's your parent?"

i looked at the sister. she looked guilty. the girl and the  man beside her looked the same. after few seconds, they just removed their eyes from us. i  told the witches our mother's name. then,

"your mother is working as?"

i answered the second question. just after she heard the answer, she asked my brother and i to leave the hall. i took my slipper that i put near the sister and her friends and left. before i left, i could hear their words,

"they're just innocent kids!"

Monday, July 9, 2012

30th : technology.

Technology is the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a preexisting solution to a problem, achieve a goal or perform a specific function. It can also refer to the collection of such tools, machinery, modifications, arrangements and procedures.


a : the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area : engineering 2 technology> b : a capability given by the practical application of knowledge technology>
: a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge technologies for information storage>
: the specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor technology>


[mass noun]
  • the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry: advances in computer technology [count noun]: recycling technologies
  • machinery and equipment developed from scientific knowledge: it will reduce the industry’s ability to spend money on new technology
  • the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.


p/s: it's EDU 3105 period. ^_^

Monday, May 14, 2012

29th : redundant.

i left a comment for a post in a group. on Facebook. yes.

minutes later, i found the comment i left wasn't one, but more than four! =.=" the comment i left was mentioning a name; a facebook user too. so, she sounded irritated replying my comments. ding!! ok. i said sorry (it wasn't really my fault. i didn't push the enter button on this keyboard many times purposely, it's the wifi.. b'coz the 'like' was showing 'try again'. so i clicked on that.... -.-" still my fault. so beware next time. haha. beware?) and a part of my sentence was,

sy tak perasan pun redundant tu.

consciously i think i should check the choice of word i made. redundant?

here it goes, based  on the oxford dictionary. ^_^

re·dun·dant / Ñ rI'dVndJnt; NAmE Ñ / adjective
1. (BrE) (of a person) without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company:
to be made redundant from your job - redundant employees

2.not needed or useful:
The picture has too much redundant detail.

 re·dun·dant·ly adverb

please, do ignore those bizarre symbols. i copied and pasted from the virtual oxford  dictionary in this machine i have.

i am pretty much concern on my words. yada. i'm a TESLian. so, i should be that meticulous in this language right?

so, look. i've used the word wrongly. T^T

am sad.

 EDU3104. done. don't wanna comment anything on the questions. i'm just relieved that the time was just sufficient! thank Allah! hu.

let's struggle for the other three papers! ^_^

Saturday, May 12, 2012

28th : parity.

parity. the state of being equal.

ain't updating to give a lecture on this word. i took this word randomly from my Oxford learner's pocket dictionary.

TSL 3106

TSL 3105

what we sold last year during Hari Terbuka Asrama

RBT 3117

not really a group, aite? hu.
4 papers to go.

WAJ 3106 - done. relieved. have studied interesting knowledge and got to know variety of perceptions of citizen in Malaysia. ^_^ just loving my country deeper uh? hah-ha.

LGA 3102. disaster. i. am. afraid. my assignments wasn't really satisfying the person who marked it. the test i'd answered on the previous Thursday was earthquake. and yet, yesterday, i just heard about my super juniors that had been expelled due to their failure in examinations after repeated the papers they failed. remember in foundation, i ever said to people this, "insya Allah if i am to finish my study there.." when they said, "so u're future teacher..." i just... that. with this expression :-S and :(
i feel am on another test. the test of life. i thank Allah that i didn't think about doing anything crazy after this paper. hu. u know, the feeling after got into a disastrous event, u'll be searching for something that can make u get rid of those unpleasant feeling and assumptions.

i am glad that i can do revision on my own. this is an achievement. but, i don't like it when i just can't have the contented feeling when i'm revising... empty. hu. and it ended by slacking down on the thin cotton pillow.

my last paper will be on the May 22nd morning. the ticket bought will be on May 25th night. ^_^ ottokaee for another three days?

till then.

Friday, April 20, 2012

27th : vicinity.

Gorgeous with lurve... group name. ^_^

the latter presents are from lecturers and facilitator. the wrapped two are for making teaching aids; the mobile letters and sandpaper letters. doing those cards really means sacrificing your sleep hours! yet, i enjoy doing them, :) the pen from Mr. Barath because one day in the previous week, i went to the English unit to take LCD projector. the lecturer i was searching for wasn't there yet. so, i waited in the room. Mr. Barath was there and he asked me about my classmates and I absence during our super juniors' SS exhibition and something about women-gender-talk-course. first question, i answered we'd class. then, he said he came across the boys, it's recess time. then, i told him, i don't have the answer. so, i just listen to his 'motivational talk' and smile. after all, he gave me a pen for listening to his 'lecture'. ^__^"

other pictures are my classroom's wall. our artworks. that's what we should do when we go to school someday. =.='

the yellow stick note; comments from others that read my haiku. i pasted another haiku too, not about the time, about colours, but, i just couldn't find it. maybe it has been thrown away. the people who threw away others' pieces should think twice, at least if the paper fell onto the floor, at least again just pick it and put it somewhere in the classroom. *frustrated*

RBT 3117 - the second minor course i'm taking... i've to struggle in the coming examination to make sure my pointer won't drop~ ah.. after listening to what the lecturer's hoping for our previous project, i was like, you never show us the example. and my confusion didn't go that far when i was in question marks doing the project. i was also like, you hasn't covered that topic when you were giving us the tasks. and i too wasn't that enthusiastic to see you. thus, the blame is still on me! mamma mia~~~

EDU 3104 - the compulsory course. behaviour and  classroom management. i too did the coursework in question marks where all the doubts are in my mind. but, i didn't push myself to erase all the question marks and just get myself drowned in them. and only during the presentation i see the point i had overlooked!

based on these two courses, am really in trouble this semester if u're talking about pointer, CGPA, bla.. bla.. bla.. especially that EDU subject, am quite lost. u ask me, what have i learnt according to syllabus, i just can't recall. T_T

i was in swing in the classroom when early in the morning i arrived late few minutes in the room. when before recess i asked a question that the answer has spoiled everyone's mood. when i am unsatisfied with something. and when i am just really want to scream, "I DON'T WANT THIS AND I AM FALLING TO THE GROUND BEARING ALL THIS BORING ACTIVITY."



pen off.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

23rd : escapism wasn't accomplished.

"Boleh jika kamu sgt dperlukan di padang. Next time jgn buat mcm ni lg."

"Jutaan terima kasih diucapkan atas kerjasama menjayakan KOT khususnya persiapan rumah dinamik. tahniah dapat menang juga hamper utk merentas desa. gandakan usaha,kuatkan semangat. semoga menang lebih banyak tahun hadapan. sebarkan. -Syahir Redha, timb.pengerusi dinamik"

i have to enlarge my soul and heart since they're not that large for me; that i still can't talk (even look to look at you) to you certain people.

i want to forget my KOT experience for this year. adios.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

22nd : serene escape.

when things went wrong
the heart quickly decided
for escapism

when things seemed okay
the soul gently smile
for the serenity

Sunday, March 4, 2012

21st : cleanup.

go go around
walking in the air
flying in the sea
swimming on the earth

turn turn around
look at the scent of roses
listen to the beauty of honey
taste the humming bees

@DAB 1530hrs
18042011 Monday
with companion of Iwa & Farah! ^.^

Thursday, February 23, 2012

20th : doubtful?

hm. sports day is coming.

issue: muslimah can't participate in games like run 100m, 4 x 100m...

i was quite.. hm... i think, just run. ha. ha. since i had participated once in my second semester and even about an hour ago. walaweh.

after give a few minutes thought, still, ikhtilat. just separate between the two genders. and i too think, those who're in the management thingy can do it if we really wanna do it.

yada. previously, in the past, during our school years, for those who're in the; we-call-it-Islamic-school, had great time on sports day. participated in many matches and all that we tell others as sweet memories... ok. i've lost my words. *istighfar*

and i too felt discrimination... if we really wanna defend a group of people, make it fair. if we use title 'muslim', then that would be the best way, it's a whole! heh. ok. self, do i make this entry because of the unsatisfied me? *istighfar*

some people too say, look at the world, there's a record a muslimah won the what... running match (oh my.. vocabulary!!!)... and it's international... so?

to wear uniform with trousers... with our tudung put it the shirt... how? hu.

still, reminding me of khilafah.

i too, asking myself, am i too liberate or what?

i still believe, we can make a change if we really want and unite. firm. and of course, need support.

am i too ambitious?

oh. this system...

me who's wondering, pondering and thinking...

(2:131) Behold! his Lord said to him: "Bow (thy will to Me):" He said: "I bow (my will) to the Lord and Cherisher of the Universe."

(2:208) O ye who believe! Enter into Islam whole-heartedly; and follow not the footsteps of the evil one; for he is to you an avowed enemy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

19th : momentos.

the 16th entry is still in the draft mode. hu. i can't promise to u blog, when i'm gonna really sit and update you and post the 16th draft. :)

here's some pictures... from last year, last nite and few days ago.