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Sunday, October 28, 2012

41st : let's continue.

it's just a little more about electrics and electronis.
honestly, i haven't done my revision on the RBT course. =.="

but, here is another video on our electronics project.

domestic  wiring. ah-ha.

just like in finishing our wooden project, when i felt myself like useless that i couldn't chase others in finishing the works in a fast way, i will scream. yeah. this is true story. i scream in the middle of the noisy bengkel. ^_^ i think i've written before, i wasn't that patient.

oh. i actually on my revision for LGA 3103. err.. but it happened that i wanted to check my FB and it's chained to youtube, then, here i am. updating this blog. dush!

so, in the previous week, when i was planning to celebrate my 'eid adha in Bukit Tembaga, my classmates and i got a call to go the bengkel to finish our domestic wiring practically. at the night before the day, i told myself that i must put the effort to be very patient. not to whine. no to sigh. be grateful. be thankful. say Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli hal (praise be to Allah for everything).

=) alhamdulillah, everything went well. i did finish mine with my partner. pity my partner for having a partner like me. the bossy. the impatient. fella. she's the one who recorded the video above! ha-ha. that's our success of the week! it's revision week and we got to attend class. ~_~

urm. that's all. may Allah bless. :)


  1. Salam..slm pknlan.. Gud luck exam..hehe.. kalo tahun akhir memang da kena tgal kat luar.. uma sewa cari sendiri deq ^^ (nak chat kat cboz kmu, tp locked..hehe)

  2. wslm. akak!! no wonder la xada orang pernah tinggal mesej apa2 kat chatbox tu! huhu. ooo i c... :)
    thanks ya kak! akak pun, all the best! ;)