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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

40th : the hands on~

phew~ those documentation thingy. they're heavy, okay! heavy. HEAVY. H-E-A-V-Y. er. ok. fine. it has passed in such a beautiful moment. er. ain't regretting. :) alhamdulillah.

i still not going a level up. still with the green belt. :( i want red! i want red! i want RED! i want R-E-D!!!! :((

i never have experience in doing these pateri works or being in a KH bengkel. no. i never have such experience. and i found myself is very not patient doing these odd works. :(

after all the sighs, all the whines, all the heart tells the soul to istighfar after i screamed for being too slow in handling these electronics things. the LED is lighten up! ^_^

they are not easy, for me, i tell you. FOR ME. F-O-R M-E.

if this video can be played, this is the product! i was very hilarious happy! yeah. i once thought to be an engineer, but not to handle these machines-electrical-electronics things! i had once thought to be petroleum engineer. ahahaha! =.="

these are the goodies i got from the PELLTA workshop. RM50. RM5 paid by our beloved lecturer, Ms. Q. :) eheh. in INTI, Bukit Jambul. i love these. RED. they're R-E-D!!!

beautiful. lines. MEANINGFUL. as a muslim, what should we read everyday? guess... what is the manual of a muslim life? AL-QURAN AND SUNNAH. :) so, take our QURAN. READ THE QURAN. R-E-A-D.

i didn't realize that i own two scholastic books! :) the one on the right, is not finished yet.

:) i was like.. wow. professional.... ^_^

more electrical thingy coming in the next entry! ahah. 

please. it's Zulhijjah. and alhamdulillah, am not as sad as i was in the previous year. :)

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