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Friday, April 26, 2013

54th : end?

with a greeny-bear keychain. Milla, thanks.
taking the bear, "why trouble yourself?" and it was awkward...

grammar error; more chickenS!!

nothing much to be written.
yes, no surprises for me.
yes, no plenty of cute gifts for me.
yes, ain't expecting for those.

yet, it caused me to be tearful that so many things i didn't do with them.
just to see them smiling at me is sufficient.
no, i don't wanna be a teacher whom pupils afraid of.

ok. this is much. ha-ha.


#gotta complete the practicuum portfolio. few little things left; pernyataan profesional semasa and selepas only. go teacher!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

53rd : flat.

in Malaysia, people in the tertiary level of education craving for four flat. i am too.

but, what about living in a flat? i am sensitive to know my pupils' background, even just to hear that they live in flat.

i love you, kids.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

52nd : blizzard.

was teaching that class initial blends... /br/... /bl/... and /cl/....

came to the word, "blizzard..." i pronounced it /bliz3d/ confidently... suddenly, one boy corrected me, "it's /bliza;d/ teacher..."

i was... ek? my confidence level decreased... my mentor teacher was observing my teaching and learning activities my dear!

after the lesson end, i asked him to help me carrying my stuffs....

okay. he has a sister teaching at international school as ICT teacher... he uses English at home. ok.

returned to campus... with that low self-esteem condition.

shared with my beloved sister about that bitter experience of the day....

we checked the pronunciation together. ok. i was and am correct!!! oh dear...


yes. i did check for pronunciation before i enter my class. but for the word blizzard, i felt my pronunciation is correct, so i didn't check twice.

that class on Friday, once made me wanna cry in the second week. and in the third week, they behaved very kindly and sweetly  and i detected attention seekers mode...

of 5 Rafflesia, 5 Alamanda and 5 Ixora... 5 Alamanda was the first caught my heart as a teacher trainee... 5 Ixora was the first trembled me with that feeling to cause tears rolling down on this skinny cheek... 5 Rafflesia - thank you for understanding my commands. ahah.

i hope all of them will behave for another one week.
i'll try my best my dear to make the learning as fun as possible. >.<

Ixora members

Rafflesia members

Alamanda members. i left Syakeel's name. very sorry.