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Sunday, April 21, 2013

52nd : blizzard.

was teaching that class initial blends... /br/... /bl/... and /cl/....

came to the word, "blizzard..." i pronounced it /bliz3d/ confidently... suddenly, one boy corrected me, "it's /bliza;d/ teacher..."

i was... ek? my confidence level decreased... my mentor teacher was observing my teaching and learning activities my dear!

after the lesson end, i asked him to help me carrying my stuffs....

okay. he has a sister teaching at international school as ICT teacher... he uses English at home. ok.

returned to campus... with that low self-esteem condition.

shared with my beloved sister about that bitter experience of the day....

we checked the pronunciation together. ok. i was and am correct!!! oh dear...


yes. i did check for pronunciation before i enter my class. but for the word blizzard, i felt my pronunciation is correct, so i didn't check twice.

that class on Friday, once made me wanna cry in the second week. and in the third week, they behaved very kindly and sweetly  and i detected attention seekers mode...

of 5 Rafflesia, 5 Alamanda and 5 Ixora... 5 Alamanda was the first caught my heart as a teacher trainee... 5 Ixora was the first trembled me with that feeling to cause tears rolling down on this skinny cheek... 5 Rafflesia - thank you for understanding my commands. ahah.

i hope all of them will behave for another one week.
i'll try my best my dear to make the learning as fun as possible. >.<

Ixora members

Rafflesia members

Alamanda members. i left Syakeel's name. very sorry.

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