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Monday, December 3, 2012

42nd : idl.

idl. i don't like. haha.

breathe in. breathe out. repeat three times. then say, alhamdulillah. :)

three years and half has passed. i am suddenly feel scared. afraid. hu-hu.

two years left. two years to go. 4 semesters.

there're few things about this type of campus life. or as written on the blue and black shirts sold, IPG life.

the first thing i would like to avoid when meeting people is to talk about parents. specifically about parents' jobs. ha-ha. because, it's normally, when people asked me or already knew me studying in IPG, when they found that my parents are in education sector of this country too, they expected-ly responded, "ikut mak ayah la ni..." (follow parents' steps...) and you yourself reading this entry would be saying that, aite?
i just be more annoyed when people know about my father, they would respond, "no wonder..." (patutlah...) i just don't like it.

i have my own reasons for being annoyed.

number one. my parents NEVER offer me studying in IPG. it's my own effort. yeah. i just knew about IPG that time through my friends. thanks to them. i also got to know about IPG via my sweet sisters (not biological sister) after SPM that time (2009). to have the courage applying for it was my own decision. yes. am telling you, my parents never force me. they know what was my ambition that time. my father even offered me something for me to further in the ambition i wanted to. it's my decision. after all.

number two. i did write in the application forms about my parents working in the education sector. it's just to give flavours into the  essay, i would say. no. i don't choose to be here because my parents are working in the sector. no. i was even afraid to be in this sector (now i'm even annoyed) because i was afraid about people stereotyping about children-parents thingy. when the parents are accountant, people tend to expect the children will inherit the business or the accounting brain of their parents.

number three. i have my dream. beautiful dream for choosing this road not taken by people around me. yeah. ^_^

next, about the IPG name. when people ask me, "where are you studying?"

definitely my short answer is, "IPG."

they usually reply me the words below,

"oo.. maktab..." (did i say that? -.-")

"what?" (ok. people don't know about us...)

and yes. am annoyed. ha-ha.

when they reply me "what?" i just have to reply these,

generally: "IPG stands for Institut Pendidikan Guru.."

specifically: "IPG Kampus Tuanku Bainun..."

hearing my specific answer, i usually get this answer, 

"oo.. kat Perak eh?"

i will just have to quickly correct them, "no. in Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang... (adding: not the one in island)"

adoi. complicated.

why i feel annoyed about people replying me "maktab" answer?

that would be because we are now IPG. no M behind G. no maktab maktab anymore. most of our lecturers, especially them who're in Research and Innovation Department too very annoyed when people keep mentioning our college as "maktab". hu-hu. it's all about developing the education system in this country. if you know. so, i'm supporting and to show appreciation to them and myself, i use IPG. but, somehow, i just have to use that word to make it short for people to know me. huk3.

this issue just made my brain got this thought: people don't know about us. the education system.

but, they know (are aware) we got allowance. sigh.

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