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Saturday, December 29, 2012

43rd : let this be the ending entry...

the ending entry for 2012. :)


we got our exam result before we enter the new semester. :)

alhamdulillah. it was the first time i cried looking at my exam result ever. yes. as far as i remember, i never cry over my exam result in my life. maybe if i cried, it's few months or years later.


the sweet.

the sour.

the bitter.

i pray that next semester, the very semester 5, will educate me. will train me. will lead me towards being a better person. a better daughter. a better trainee. a better junior. a better senior. a better roommate. a better sister, younger or elder. a better student. a better friend. a better mate. the most important is a better servant of Him.

i just realised i whined and sighed a lot thru the two semesters in 2012. :']

so, this is how am going to end the post for 2012 in this blog.

i don't want to wish for happier moments nor unstressful times because thru this 2012 i felt those and without i realise those that made me strong inside and widen my heart capacity. :) those made me mature at thinking i guess. what is more, those taught me to keep my faith in Allah. because there was no place i could hold for a long period other than Him. He's forever.

so, i wish you, whoever you are reading this entry to have better year of making yourself a better person ahead! :)

may 2012 had brought us closer to Allah.
may 2012 had made us grateful.
may 2012 had taught us to be wiser. 
may 2013 have better unknown promises for us;
         that will make us turning back to it at the end of the year
         smiling =)

welcome myself to new room! -_-"

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