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Monday, July 30, 2012

32nd : easy, no?

to think about my hatred... my dislikes... my unwanted lists... it won't solve my problem.

at last, i just will have to go through those things too.

i won't be able to avoid.

the best thing to do, still, to be responsible.

when we're trying our best to be kind, nice, there will be challenges ahead; waiting for us.

but, be good. for that it's not people who would count your acts. it's Him. Allah.

though, ain't remember this when am in the situation, it's okay. checklist. and TRY. EFFORT that counts too.

people won't ask you to put themselves in your shoes, but, we can do that to them.

no matter how negative  you feel you're treated, remember that our best role-model, Prophet peace be upon him, taught us to be kind to people. rahmah, aite?

again, this entry has no coherence at all.

but, people, i realised, it's hard to be a leader when the people below are not willing to listen to you. even worst they are to doubt you.

i too realised, we are treated the way we treated or treat others too.

i three realised, it's the best when we're in love with our friends. enjoy your love you got with your friends. this is not love between gender i'm speaking about.

to contribute something for the ummah (people) is a satisfaction. be it money, time, energy, etc. that's infaq.


RAMADHAN KAREEM EVERYONE. :)  [u reply to me: Allahu akram. :)]

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