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Friday, April 20, 2012

27th : vicinity.

Gorgeous with lurve... group name. ^_^

the latter presents are from lecturers and facilitator. the wrapped two are for making teaching aids; the mobile letters and sandpaper letters. doing those cards really means sacrificing your sleep hours! yet, i enjoy doing them, :) the pen from Mr. Barath because one day in the previous week, i went to the English unit to take LCD projector. the lecturer i was searching for wasn't there yet. so, i waited in the room. Mr. Barath was there and he asked me about my classmates and I absence during our super juniors' SS exhibition and something about women-gender-talk-course. first question, i answered we'd class. then, he said he came across the boys, it's recess time. then, i told him, i don't have the answer. so, i just listen to his 'motivational talk' and smile. after all, he gave me a pen for listening to his 'lecture'. ^__^"

other pictures are my classroom's wall. our artworks. that's what we should do when we go to school someday. =.='

the yellow stick note; comments from others that read my haiku. i pasted another haiku too, not about the time, about colours, but, i just couldn't find it. maybe it has been thrown away. the people who threw away others' pieces should think twice, at least if the paper fell onto the floor, at least again just pick it and put it somewhere in the classroom. *frustrated*

RBT 3117 - the second minor course i'm taking... i've to struggle in the coming examination to make sure my pointer won't drop~ ah.. after listening to what the lecturer's hoping for our previous project, i was like, you never show us the example. and my confusion didn't go that far when i was in question marks doing the project. i was also like, you hasn't covered that topic when you were giving us the tasks. and i too wasn't that enthusiastic to see you. thus, the blame is still on me! mamma mia~~~

EDU 3104 - the compulsory course. behaviour and  classroom management. i too did the coursework in question marks where all the doubts are in my mind. but, i didn't push myself to erase all the question marks and just get myself drowned in them. and only during the presentation i see the point i had overlooked!

based on these two courses, am really in trouble this semester if u're talking about pointer, CGPA, bla.. bla.. bla.. especially that EDU subject, am quite lost. u ask me, what have i learnt according to syllabus, i just can't recall. T_T

i was in swing in the classroom when early in the morning i arrived late few minutes in the room. when before recess i asked a question that the answer has spoiled everyone's mood. when i am unsatisfied with something. and when i am just really want to scream, "I DON'T WANT THIS AND I AM FALLING TO THE GROUND BEARING ALL THIS BORING ACTIVITY."



pen off.

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