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Monday, May 14, 2012

29th : redundant.

i left a comment for a post in a group. on Facebook. yes.

minutes later, i found the comment i left wasn't one, but more than four! =.=" the comment i left was mentioning a name; a facebook user too. so, she sounded irritated replying my comments. ding!! ok. i said sorry (it wasn't really my fault. i didn't push the enter button on this keyboard many times purposely, it's the wifi.. b'coz the 'like' was showing 'try again'. so i clicked on that.... -.-" still my fault. so beware next time. haha. beware?) and a part of my sentence was,

sy tak perasan pun redundant tu.

consciously i think i should check the choice of word i made. redundant?

here it goes, based  on the oxford dictionary. ^_^

re·dun·dant / Ñ rI'dVndJnt; NAmE Ñ / adjective
1. (BrE) (of a person) without a job because there is no more work available for you in a company:
to be made redundant from your job - redundant employees

2.not needed or useful:
The picture has too much redundant detail.

 re·dun·dant·ly adverb

please, do ignore those bizarre symbols. i copied and pasted from the virtual oxford  dictionary in this machine i have.

i am pretty much concern on my words. yada. i'm a TESLian. so, i should be that meticulous in this language right?

so, look. i've used the word wrongly. T^T

am sad.

 EDU3104. done. don't wanna comment anything on the questions. i'm just relieved that the time was just sufficient! thank Allah! hu.

let's struggle for the other three papers! ^_^

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