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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

13th : this is not much..

smile out quietly. SOQ replacing LOL. laugh out loudly. :)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

:) too many things happened within this one month.. until yesterday.

i'd learnt many new things too. i'd learnt something new about technical things for something behind the stage when we're organizing an event using a hall. er... something related to sound system, microphone and lighting, slide show... ^^ the main point was that i couldn't do all those things alone. it should be done in group so it'll proceed smoothly. don't be greedy in doing works!

i went to Relay for Life Penang Branch with my TESLian family. hu. a good experience. not the best. it wasn't the best because i didn't enjoy that much during the program. there're too many doubts inside me as i look at the people around me, as i walk on the field... too many doubts that i'm afraid that i'd go astray of the straight path... doubts = satan's game. i couldn't get rid of those doubts. oh my. oh yes. the good part of this was getting a t-shirt! ^^V

MELTA. thanks to English Unit for organizing the workshop for us on October 8th. i thought a workshop would be something interactive that involves physical activity or at least group activity. huuu... why am i saying this? the reason is i was to be listening to the speaker most of the time. =.= u know right the facts of listening to a talk for a long time? ^^" yada. yada. there're times we'd to lend an ear to others too, in fact. ok. i lose. hm. another t-shirt for me after this program! ^^V. two new shirts! o yeah.

then, for GERKO, my friends and i had organized Mini-Soccer Competition (MSC). does it sound cool with initial MSC? -.- hue. this competition took two days to be finished. there're 7 teams involved in the game. knock-out system, league system.. i had no idea about these systems if u ask me to explain. but i know the surface of them. a lil bit. hm.
during one of the lecture hours, two friends and i presented about annual planning for training. hm. this planning thingy... i'd something in my mind when the lecturer adding points/explanation to our presentation. hm.

changes. hu.

problem. solved.

currently adapting myself to the new hostel... new is not as it is just finished built yesterday. but new for my friends and i as we just moved there yesterday evening. i don't like it even though i was as relax as i had nothing to do when we're told that the decision as in the notice given out on Friday. for the first time, i felt like crying after moving to a new place. i wonder how i would be if i be posted to a rural area TAHAP TIGA!!!
i reminded myself about being 'redha'. yeah. when i was about to cry, to blast complaints and words in my anger,upset, i asked myself, don't you redha with all these? can't you accept this? then, self-checking started. hu. but still, the heart inside here couldn't help to not be crying.

lau kana bainana... :')

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