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Sunday, May 2, 2010

6th : EOTO / E1T1.

just came back from Seberang Jaya for Each One Teach One programme. it's a volunteer programme and i am one of the voluntary teachers.
although the programme is called as Each 1 Teach 1, the thing is not really like that. hah.
last week was my first time teaching those needy students. needy here, doesn't mean they're that poor, but it does seem like that.(argh! i don't know) they live in flat houses; 20 above floors. (urgh. i'm stuck. where are my words!!) in the previous week, i went there with two friends; Israa and Liza. today, i managed to go there alone. i had to go because i had promised two kids to make their family tree. i made family house though. haha.
it's not easy as ABC's. i was the only volunteer came for today. thus, i had to control all of them instead of two kids i'd taught last week. luckily i'd one extra manila card.
but then, there were more of them came. o my. i was like... what's gonna happen now? i am not that capable dealing with primary school students.

no more sentences for this entry.
omo... just pray for me to memorise my script for Macbeth dramatisation soon. wargh~ i'm freaking out. what is more, i'm gonna be a debater for Bahasa Melayu in a debate competition very soon too. =.=

look at the pictures below. please leave your comments. ^.^
video is deleted for certain reasons.

thank you!

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