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Friday, November 8, 2013

63rd : another paper to leave.

how are you? ...

okeyh. exam has begun. and desperately wanna go home!

TSL 3111 
what to say? my assignment marks is very unsatisfying. well. i deserved the marks, though. but, in order to set my pointer target, that is one factor that makes my motivation to decrease and makes my spirit to give up. but, my heart told me to do my very best! ^_^ and my brain too told me that i have time! it's time. ah-ha. thus, alhamdulillah. i ain't really worrying.
about the course, it has only 6 topics. i thought, it's only me that thought the topics were too little? no. my friends thought that way too. 6 topics and the content of the topics are like... repetitious? not to say the  paper was going to be easy, but we were afraid if the questions would be like outside of our mind like writing paper in the previous sem. it was like... hmmmm.... too difficult. the difficulty is because of the subjectivity of the questions. :) that's what i think.
in addition, we, as the pioneer of the course have no certain reference. for other courses, they might ask for past year questions, at least, they could imagine the questions pattern like. we (us)? hee... well. mother told me that would make you in a real tawakkal, insya Allah. :) thus, no worries. :)
the questions were on types of materials, factors and principles of  selection and adaptation and evaluation of materials... to what extent ESL materials help teachers in their teaching? then, how to exploit the given materials to teach other language skills? advice to be given to this teacher who wants to produce a big book using raw materials. language skills to be implemented for the particular materials. okay.

RBT 3120
i was thinking to exchange notes with friends in other campus. but, i realized that for elective paper, it's set-up at the campus level. hmm.... so, we just really went into the lecture notes that we have. haha. for me, honestly, i enjoyed revising RBT courses. this is because it is factual and like adding knowledge and sometimes it's something near us in our daily life, but in the course it has the specific terminology used. for example in teknologi rumah tangga (home science technology), about the french seam, the belahan everything. hahaha. they're on the attire we wear everyday! ^_^

going to buy some fish! 

bought fish. ehm... the blacky fish died after about 24 hours or less... hee. 

the white sand should be washed thoroughly and meticulously... others' aquariums have more accessories, to be frank. -_- 

okay. another 5 days! ^_^

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