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Saturday, November 20, 2010

9th : foundation years end.

after nearly a week, i've returned home, i remember the campus back. laugh at me.

when i look at hills, i say, 'beautiful'. another me says, 'i can see these amazing creatures there'.

when i hear others talking, 'English people are bla3.. bla3...'. another me says, 'i've learnt about them there'.

comparing between being at home and there.

and, guess what, one day; 24 hours after i returned, i texted my tutor telling her that i already home.
one, i once acted rude to her. i still can feel the sins strangling my soul. two, my beloved SS lecturer knew about my early homecoming, it's just unfair to my tutor. she should know first and know from me, not others.

one week has passed already. the extra days for my break.

this time, the break is much different from the previous. why? my classmates and i don't have extra homework from our lecturers! what a relief. grr.

my English is not really good and becomes rusty these days. grr.

thus, the extra work for us is to improve ourselves.

less reading. less writing. less talking. less listening. in English. really gonna kill me next year.

therefore, i've to read, write, talk (this is hard here -.-), and listen in English more.

all the best. :)

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