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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10th : it's great

life is wonderful. :)

what to say?

two weeks ago; March 3rd, 2011, we had KOT (Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan) at our campus. my sports team, Dinamik got the third place. but, we were the champion for the marching. :D (i know my language is bad!) and i was very happy! ^-^ since last year i was hoping to win the marching. :D i love marching anyway. :)

four days later, my classmates and another class went to Kem Sg. Batu Besi, Merbok for BIG (Bina Insan Guru / Bina Insan Gelap) :D i enjoyed this camping very well. oh.

alhamdulillah. :) all praises to Allah. :)

on the first day, we built up our tents. three tents; 2 for ladies and 1 for men. there're 15 men and 26 ladies excluding our trainers and lecturers and tutors. :D lecturers and trainers and tutors got different tents from us. :) when others were building up the tents, i got nothing to do. wohohoho. so, i helped for other small parts of building up tents. :) for example take 'pancang' for them and hold the rope. :)
after asar prayer, we went to the river! o yeah! watering time! ha. ha. water confident. i remembered my experience at Kem Tok Sakah during our first semester in foundation. to compare the experience in Tok Sakah and Sg. Batu Besi, it's much much much better at Sg. Batu Besi. :) i don't know why (oh. one in a million is playing in my ears). :D i could float very well in the water. :) it's an accomplishment! :D
at night, we'd LDK with our lecturer. hm. about saying thank you. expressing our gratitude. :) appreciating others. :) that's how to be a good teacher and human. :) knowing others. ta'aruf. ta'aruf is on progress every second right? :)
o yeah. tazkirah maghrib. events in Rabi'ul awwal. do you remember? me? no. i don't really remember. i just remember maulidurrasul, the day rasulullah passed away and hijrah to Madinah. really made my heart... hm... like my heart was pinched. ^.^"
i was on duty for guarding the camp site at 0300-0530.

second day, kayaking. :) i love this too! :) however, this time, i was quite weak and not so spirit to 'drive' kayak. then, we'd to find a partner. all men must got a female partner. one of us couldn't kayak. so, 5 couples should be the females. hm. i got a male partner. during the camp at Tok Sakah, i was with my female classmate. :) then, she was sick of of the sea. haha. in the middle of the sea. then, one of the lecturers replaced her. i was quite relax that time because the lecturer got more energy! haha. for this BIG, i paddled well. i sat in front. so, i was the co-pilot. but, i think i was leading the kayaking. he. i think i was the one gave out the direction to paddle. hm. i felt the guilt, but he didn't willing to say this "kiri, kanan, kiri..." out. :) okay. there's too many 'but' here.
after kayaking, as usual we got reflection. my personal reflection was about communicating clearly and explicitly. haha. why? when i was in the kayak, if no one said "kiri kanan kiri" out loud, how can we paddle the kayak together? :) our paddle would be "ktung" "ktang" each other. :) as well as in our daily life, if we don't communicate clearly each other, there would be many misunderstandings. :) communicate clearly also got a condition where the communicators must be willing to listen to others as well. :)
in the afternoon, we supposed to have orienteering. however, the rahmah was raining over the land we're staying on. :) so, we'd activities using ropes. :)
maghrib. tazkirah. tazkirah subuh, i didn't attend it because i was in the kitchen; cooking for our breakfast. i didn't cook at all. haha. maghrib tazkirah. hm. parents' advices. do we really turn their advices into actions? checklist. T.T
then, LDK with our camp commander. we sang songs. hu. hu. with actions. then sleep.

third day, kembara bakau! mangrove walk? he. he. we'd to relate the mangrove ecology with school as an organization. this time, again i compared thee to the experience at Kem Tok Sakah. yeah. i was too proud with my experience. hah. initially, the lecturer brought us walking on the usual land. some of my friends and i were complaining, "ini je? xbest nya..." after a while, the lecturer brought us into the mangrove swamp. ho. ho. ho. the mud was really thick and sticky! o yeah. then i just felt the trials. serve me right. most of our feet got into the mud until our knee level. ^.^ don't be proud of our experience. different experience brings different effects in our life. :)
o yeah. subuh reminder. syahadah. pronouncing our syahadah correctly, knowing the meaning and the claims of it. again, the other me was crying.
in the afternoon, after lunch, we destroyed our tents. hu. it's due to the raining days. if we deconstruct them on the next day, it would be late for us to make sure they dry well. at night, we'd Cultural Night. haha. i mean, 'Malam Kebudayaan'.

March 10th, 2011, last day! o yeah! clean and clear the sites! :) returned to the campus~ T.T

March 11th, 2011, last day at the campus! presented literature assignment. i was no feeling at all doing the presentation. hm. Marxist literary theory. Barn Burning by William Faulkner. this uncle... huh. however, i quite enjoyed reading Marxism and Barn Burning.

o yeah. i haven't finish the essay yet! come on self!

11032011, 10.00p.m. - additional bus trip from Shamisha co. back to the hometown. :)

before KOT, there's one of my classmates had given me advices. know what, it's been one year and half, there's no one ever talk to me about my bad attitudes. but, that day, i got it. i really appreciate it dear my sister. that's one of my point registering myself into the institute. being in the institute, we're always reminded about ourselves. being a good person, teacher. to be loving. :)

gambatte ne!

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