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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

55th : review.

in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

first of all, i owe you the story of my presentation for TSL 3109. the congruent communication by Haim Ginott.

this memory, my group members and i presented the theory using the software named
you can access to our presentation here :

i like this theory very much. much. much. all of us in my group agreed with the theory. and we did agree that this theory actually says what Islam teach us. to be positive. to be loving.

what amazed me that after our presentation, there was a sharing with a sister; a teacher,  about the Technique Used by our Prophet (peace be upon him) are similar to what my friends and i studied in Congruent Communication. i ain't that 'light skeleton' to type all the explanation, but briefly this is what i was thinking about. i'll try to upload pictures of some notes of the sharing, later. insya Allah.

my friends and i enjoyed our presentation very much. i, personally, had a great time. maybe because of the intensity of my feelings in doing it. he.

in the end of the presentation, we were asked, about being so congruent, what if the learners;students;pupils, of the opposite genders of the teachers take things wrongly? like falling in love, something like that... i was speechless. ha-ha. hm. that's the point where the counsellor of the school have roles to play. =)


if possible, i'll update more, tonight. insya Allah. ^_^

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